Greek - Nymphs. Daughters of Atlas and Aethra, Hesperis or Pleione, or of Erebus and Nyx, or of Phorcos and Ceto. In some accounts, there were three (Aegle, Erythia and Hespera), in others, four or seven, the other suggested names being Arethusa, Hespereia, Hesperusa and Hestia. They, with the dragon Ladon, were the guardians of the golden apples from Hera's tree who helped Heracles in his quest for some of these apples on his eleventh Labour. In some versions the name is used for the Pleiades. On occassion, known as Hesperides, African Sisters, African Sisters, Atlantides, Atlantides, Pleiades, Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Weepers, Egyptian Seven Hathors or Nysaean nymphs.

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