Norse - A prince of Zealand. Brother of Hergart. Husband of Gudrun. He was one of the suitors for the hand of Gudrun, daughter of Hettel and Hilde, and when her father refused to sanction their marriage, he invaded his kingdom. His courage persuaded Hettel to accept him as a son-in-law. While Herwig was away fighting Hettel, Siegfried, another suitor for Gudrun's hand, invaded Herwig's kingdom. Herwig returned to fight Siegfried and was helped this time by Hettel. They all joined forces to fight Hartmut who had abducted Gudrun, but failed to rescue her. Later he sailed to Normandy with Ortwin and Wat and rescued Gudrun and her companion, Hildburg. In the battle that ensued, Herwig killed Ludwig and would have killed Hartmut as well but was persuaded by Gudrun and Ortwin to spare him. When they returned to Gudrun's home, she and Herwig were married. Sometimes identified as Herwig.

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