Greek - Daughter of Menelaus and Helen. Wife of Orestes and Pyrrhus. Mother of Tisamenus by Orestes. She married Pyrrhus after he had abandoned Andromache, widow of Hector, whom he had brought back from Troy but she had earlier been betrothed to Orestes who killed Pyrrhus and married her. In some references, known as Hermione, Demeter, Demeter, Amphictyonis, Da-Meter, Damater, Deo, Doso, Good Goddess, Grain Mother, Hermione, Isis, Mangata, Mother Da, Thesmophorus, Three Eponae, Achaiva, Black Demeter, Chloe, Da-meter, Deo, Epona, Erinys, Ga Metre, Ge Metre Gemeter, Mother Earth, Thesmorphorus, White Goddess, Egyptian Isis, Italic Damatar, Phrygian Cybele, Roman Ceres, Dea Dia, Harmonia, Harmonia, Hermione, Persephone, Persephone, Core, Fersefassa, Hermione, Libera, Persephassa, Phersephatta, Phersephone, Proserpina, Hecate, Libera, Pherepatta, Roman Proserpina or Proserpine.

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