British - A train of phantom soldiers. On horseback. These men, carrying many fine gifts, were said to move through the countryside in broad daylight. They are generally regarded as the survivors of Herla's visit to the kingdom of the pygmy king but others say that they are the riders of the Wild Hunt. Occasionally known as Herelethingi, Herlathing, Herlathing, Wild Hunt, Wild Hunt, Asgardsreid, Cain's Hunt, Dando, Devil's Dandy Dogs, Gabriel's Hounds, Herod's Hunt, Hounds of Hell, Raging Host, Wish Hunt, Woden's Hunt, Asgardreia, Asgard(s)reid, Devil and his Dandy Dogs, Anglo-Saxon Chasse Artur, English Herlathing, French Mesnée d'Hellequin, Norse Asgardsreid or Gandr(i)eid.

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