Norse - Son of Belé. Brother of Halfdan and Ingeborg. After the death of their father, Helgi and Halfdan jointly ruled the kingdom of Sogn. At their coronation, Frithiof offered his loyalty and asked for the hand of their sister, Ingeborg. Helgi rejected his suit because Frithiof was a mere commoner and insulted him by offering him work in the palace. When the aged king, Sigurd Ring, sued for the hand of Ingeborg, Halfdan upset the king by a joking remark about his age, whereupon the king sent an invading army. The brothers sent Hilding to ask Frithiof to fight for them and when he refused they made peace with Sigmund Ring, paying him an annual tribute and giving him Ingeborg in marriage. Frithiof offered to free them from their obligations to Sigmund Ring if they would allow him to marry Ingeborg but, because Frithiof and Ingeborg had broken the sacred laws by speaking in Hoder's temple, Helgi again rejected his suit and imposed a sentence which he fully expected would result in Frithiof's death. Angantyr, king of the Orkneys, had ceased paying an annual tribute to Belé when he died. Helgi sent Frithiof to Orkney to demand that the king should hand over the tribute. Helgi then used two witches, Ham and Heid, to brew up a storm that almost wrecked Frithiof's ship but they survived by running down the whale on which the witches were riding and killing them. Frithiof returned safely with a bag of coins given to him by Angantyr which he flung in Helgi's face. When hunting in the mountains, he came upon a deserted shrine and when he tugged at the lock the god's statue fell from over the gate and killed him. Other accounts say that he was killed by Frithiof. Also commonly identified as Helgi.
Norse - Son of Sigmund and Borghild. Brother of Hamond. Tutored by Hagal, Helgi became a fearless warrior and killed the giant Hati. He saw nine Valkyries riding in the sky and one of them, Svava, told him where to find a magic sword. In another story, Sigrun (Svava reborn) saved him from a storm at sea and, in yet another, Kara (Sigrun reborn) protected him in the form of a swan but was killed when he swung his sword too high in the air. Some say that Sigrun had been promised in marriage to Hadbrod and that he fought Helgi for her hand and was killed. Helgi escaped capture by the Hundings, traditional enemies of the Volsungs, by disguising himself as Hagal's man-servant and then, with Sinfiotli, led an army against the Hundings which killed all except Dag who promised to end the feud. Instead, he used Odin's spear, Gungnir, to kill Helgi. One of the Valkyries, Gudrun, had fallen in love with Helgi and they were reunited in Valhalla after his death. In some versions, Gudrun is Svava. Also called Helgi.
Norse - Son of Njal and Bergthora. Brother of Grim, Helga, Skarp-Hedin and Throgerd. He died, with the rest of the Njalsson clan when they were trapped in their house, Bergthorsknoll, which was burnt to the ground by Flosi and his men. He tried to escape dressed as a woman but was spotted and killed by Flosi. In some lore, occasionally identified as Helgi.
Norse - Father of Bjarni. In one story, it was said that Helgi killed Geiter but others say that they fought but became good friends. Another story tells how he plotted with Geitir, his brother-in-law, to murder a rich merchant for his valuables but the merchant's partner, Thorlief, sent the dead man's possessions to his heirs. Helgi then employed Ketill to kill Thorlief but the assassin made friends with his intended victim. Helgi and Geitir each came to suspect the other of having stolen the merchant's fortune and they quarrelled. In the end, Geitir laid an ambush for his brotherin- law and Helgi was killed. Occasionally known as Helgi.

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