Greek - A Trojan prophet. Son of Priam and Hecuba. Twin-brother of Cassandra. Brother of Deiphobus, Hector and Paris. Some stories say that both he and Cassandra acquired prophetic powers when they were licked on the ears by serpents when they were young children. When Paris was killed during the siege of Troy, Helenus and his brother Deiphobus fought for possession of Helen. Helenus lost the encounter and fled from the city. He was either trapped by Odysseus or voluntarily joined the Greek forces and predicted that they would take the city only if Philoctetes and Pyrrhus joined the battle, the shoulder bone of Pelops were brought from Greece and the Palladium were seized from within the city. When the city fell to the Greeks, he led a band of survivors to settle in Greece itself. Andromache, the widow of Hector, was given as a prize to Pyrrhus but he soon abandoned her. Helenus later married her and they had a son, Cestrinus. Known as Helenus, Helenos or Helenos.

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