Egyptian - A water-goddess, goddess of childbirth. Consort of Haroeris or Khnum. In some accounts, she is the daughter of Ra and the twin sister of Shu. As the wife of Khnum, she gave life to the bodies he made from clay. Originally, she was one of the frogs which lived in the primaeval swamp and is depicted as a frog or as a frogheaded human. In some accounts she is regarded as the mother of Haroeris and wife of Khnum. Occasionally identified as Heket, Hak, Hak, Heka, Heka, Shu, Hike, Hekt, Hekt, Heqet, Heqet, Heqt, Heqt, Hequat, Hequat, Hequet, Hequet, Heq(u)et or Heq(u)et.

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