Norse - A giant demi-god, god of the dawn. Guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. Son of Odin by 9 wave-maidens. His mothers, giantesses all, are listed as Atla, Augeia, Aurgiafa, Egia, Gialp, Greip, Iarnsaxa, Sindur and Ulfrun and they simultaneously gave birth to a baby, fathered by Odin, which they reared on warmth from the sun, moisture from the sea and strength from the earth. Another account gives his mother as Angey. He was said to have very keen eyesight, able to see 100 miles by night, hearing that could detect the grass growing and, armed with a bright sword Hofud and his trumpet Giallarhorn, he lived in a palace known as Himinbiorg built on top of the bridge, from where he had a good view. His job was to keep the Frost Giants from entering Asgard. On one occasion he saw Loki, in the form of a flea (or fly), steal the marvellous necklace, Brisingamen, from the sleeping Freya and, after a struggle in which they both changed forms several times, Heimdall finally retrieved the necklace and restored it to Freya. In the guise of Riger, he visited earth and became the progenitor of the human race, spending three days each with three couples, the impoverished Ai and Edda, the welloff Afi and Anima and the very wealthy Fadir and Modir. A son (Thrall, Karl and Jarl respectively) was born to each couple and these became the forerunners of humanity. He blew his horn to warn the gods of the impending battle of Ragnarok but, by then, it was too late. In the fighting, he killed Loki but was himself killed with the other gods. He had a horse called Gulltop and is depicted in shining white armour. Occasionally called Heimdall, Er, Er, Cheru, Tiwaz, Tyr, Hallinskide, Hallinskide, Hallinskidi, Hallinskidi, Hama, Hama, Heimdal, Heimdal, Heimdallr, Heimdallr, Mardall, Mardall, Saxnot, Saxnot, Sahsnot, Saxneat, Seaxneat, S(e)axneat, Swordbearer, German Tiwaz, Norse Cheru, Vindlir, Vindlir, White God, White God, Bylebog, Gullintani, Gullintani, Heimdellinger, Heimdellinger, Hermin, Hermin, Irmin, Irmin, Rati, Rati, Rig(er), Rig(er), Saxon Saxsnot, Saxon Saxsnot, Rati, Rati, Lyfir, Lyfir, Riger, Riger, Rig, Rigir or Rig(ir).

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