General - The home of the blessed: dwellingplace of gods: paradise. Most cultures envisage some form of heaven: -Afghan The Kafir paradise is called Burry La Boola. -African The Bambara envisage a heaven created by Faro divided into seven parts: (1) Kaba Noro, the home of Faro (2) Kaba dye, the home of the souls of the dead (3) Kaba fii, the home of spirits (4) Faro's accounting room (5) Red Heaven, the hall of judgement (6) Sleep Heaven, the store for secrets (7) Faro's store for rain -Australian The paradise of the Aborigines is called wathi-wathi. The road that leads there forks: the road to the right is clean and inviting but is the home of evil spirits whereas the road to the left, though dirty, is the realm of the good spirits. -Buddhist The place where Buddhas and bodhisattvas wait is known as the Tushita heaven (Maya) and has thirteen layers, the highest of which is known as Paranirmita-Vasavarten. In Mahayana Buddhism, a paradise for those en route to enlightenment is known as the Pure Land (Jodo) and is equated with the Nirvana of Hinayana Buddhism. The heaven reserved for past Buddhas is known as Kshetra, Amitabha's heaven is known as Sukhavati and a future heaven is called Grdhakuta. In Cambodia, there are said to be twenty-six paradises, the highest of which is known as Nirpean. -Central American The Aztecs envisaged three heavens of which Tlalocan, home of Tlaloc, was the lowest, Tlillan- Tlallapan was in the middle and Tonatiuhican, the home of Tonatiuh, was the highest. Other stories say there were thirteen heavens, the highest of which was called Zivena Vitzcatl . In later belief, heaven was like a ladder with steps, on the top rung of which lived Ometeotl. Other rungs, in descending order, were occupied by innocent children, tempests, night and day, shooting stars, birds and Venus, the sun and the 400 warring sons of Coatlicue, the Milky Way, the moon. -Egyptian The paradise of Osiris, Aalu, lay far to the west and could be reached only by travelling in Ra's bark after being judged by Osiris in the underworld. -Hindu Each god has his own heaven and Brahma lives in the highest heaven, Brahmaloka, said to be 84,000 leagues above the earth The heaven ruled by Vishnu is called Vaikuntha; that of Indra is Svarga; that of Krishna is Go-loka; that of Shiva is Kailasa; that of the goddess Shanti is called Shanti- Niketa and paradise for the uncremated dead is known as the Land of the Pitris. -Irish The Irish envisage an earthly paradise in the form of the island, called Emain Ablach, the Western Paradise. -Mesopotamian Heaven was regarded as the playground of the gods and was known as Anduruna or, in Sumerian lore, Eridu. -Norse The heaven to which slain warriors are conducted is known as Valhalla. -North American The native Indian tribes believe in a Happy Hunting-ground where game is plentiful. -Pacific Islands Burotu, paradise, is envisaged as a land of perpetual joy where the good can rest. The Hawaiian paradise is called Paliuli. The Polynesian heaven is multilayered, the highest realms being Putahi-nui-o-Rahua. The tenth heaven is Rangi-Tuarea. -Persian Heaven is a four-cornered region known as Varena. -Shinto Heaven is the Eternal Land, Takano- Hara, home of the gods, to which the mikado is allowed to ascend on his death and the paradisal land of the spirits is Tokoyo-no-kuni. -Slav The paradise of the western Slavs is known as Rai, that of the eastern Slavs as Svarog. -Taoist The island paradise where all the inhabitants are immortal is called Ying-chou. There are said to be 108 realms of paradise, one of which, called P'eng-lai, is the home of the Eight Immortals. There are said to be thirty-six heavens of which the highest is Ta-lo. The imperial heaven is known as Huang-t'ien. -West Indian The Caribs of the Antilles call their heaven Hueyuku. Known as heaven, paradise, paradise, underworld, Dar el-Jannah, Fortunate Islands, Celestial City, Celestial City, Sukhavati, Sukhavati, Blessed Land, Gokuraku-Jodo, Hsi T'ien, Pure Land, Sakhavati, Taema-mandara, Pure land, Sakkavati, Hsi-fang chi-lo shih-chieh, Chinese Hsi T'ien, Japanese Gokuraku-jodo, Gokuraku-jodo, Ilhuicatl, Ilhuicatl, Huang-t'ien Shang Ti, Huang-t'ien Shang Ti, Heaven or Supreme Lord of the August Heaven.

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