Egyptian - A mother-goddess, goddess of childbirth, fertility, joy, love, marriage, music, sky. Wife of Horus the Elder. Mother of Horus the Younger and Ihi. Mother of Khons by Sebek, some say. In some versions she is Ra's daughter by Nut, in others his wife and mother of Ihy. She was originally a war-goddess of the Nubians and is sometimes identified with Sakhmet or with Isis, in which capacity she held the ladder by which the good dead could ascend to heaven. Others identify her with Mehet-Weret. She suckled the pharaohs and greeted the souls entering the underworld. On one occasion, in the form of Sakhmet, she was sent by Ra to kill all mankind but she got drunk on the red-coloured beer with which Ra flooded the land and forgot to carry out her mission. Her son is said to have cut off her head replacing it with the head of a cow. She was originally depicted as a lioness and later as a cow, sometimes wearing a headdress of horns enclosing the disc of the sun. In some depictions, her four limbs support the universe. In some lore, occasionally identified as Hathor, Athyr, Athyr, Het-Hert, Het-Hert, Lady of Byblos, Lady of Byblos, Asherah, Asherah, Lady of Dendera, Lady of Dendera, Lady of Faience, Lady of Faience, Lady of the West, Lady of the West, Sakhmet, Lady of Turquoise, Lady of Turquoise, Isis, Mut, Mut, Great Sorcerer, Lady of Asheru, Ma, Muit, Muut, Nekhbet, Ament, Muit, The Great Sorceress, Greek Hera, Ament, Mast, Taure, Triphis, Triphis, Anit, Anit, Great Mother, Great Mother, Ama-arhus, Anaitis, Astarte, Ate, Baba, Cybele, Ma, Magna Mater, Mami, Mamitu, Mater Turrita, Qedeshet Sakhmet, Qedeshet Sakhmet, Tafner, Tafner, Canaanite Baalat, Canaanite Baalat, Tanit, Tanit, Rat-Tanit, Tanith, Tenit, Thinit, Tinnit, Dido, Thinnit, Egyptian Hathor, Phoenician Astarte, Roman (Juno) Caelestis, Greek Aphrodite, Greek Aphrodite, Alilat, Anahit, Anahita, Anaitis, Aphrodisias, Aprodita, Argimpasa, Astarte, Biducht, Caelestis, Concordia, Ishtar, Mylitta, Rati, Syrian Goddess, Turan, Mesopotamian Ishtar, Mesopotamian Ishtar, Athor, Athor, Nekmet- Awai, Nekmet- Awai, Tauret, Tauret, Apet, Beset, Epet, Rer, Reret, Sa, Ta-urat, Ta-uret, Ta-urt, Taoeuris, Taouris, Taourt, Taueret, Taurt, Taweret, Tawert, Thaueret, Thoeris, Thouart, Thoueret, Tie, Toeris, Touart, Tuart, Tueret, Ueret, Heret, Opet, Rer(et), Sa, Tao(e)uris, Ta(o)urt, Tawer(e)t, T(h)aueret, Greek Athena or Thoueris.

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