Hindu - A trickster monkey-god. A manifestation of Vishnu. Son of Vayu by Anjana. He had a deformed jaw as the result of a blow from one of Indra's thunderbolts which broke his jaw when he tried to eat the sun. He was in charge of the forces that attacked Ravana's fortress when the demon-king abducted Rama's wife, Sita, building a bridge from India to Ceylon for this purpose. When swallowed by the female demon Surasa, he grew enormously to force her jaws apart and then shrank to the size of a finger and flew out of her ear. When he was captured by Ravana, whose son set his tail alight, Hanuman used the flame to burn down Ravana's stronghold. In one account, Ravana persuaded his nephew to kill Hanuman but the monkey-god threw him back to his uncle's court in Ceylon. For his help, Rama gave him the gifts of immortality and eternal youth. He could change his shape at will and owned a magic stick that could expand to a thousand miles. He accompanied Tripitaka and Chu Pa-chieh on their journey to India and back and helped him to overcome the dangers they met en route. In one case, Tripitaka and Chu Pa-chieh were trapped by spider-women who attacked Hanuman with a swarm of insects. He conjured up a flock of birds which ate all the insects and his magic overcame that of the spider-women and the prisoners were released. He was regarded as a huge, redfaced monkey with yellow fur and a tail that was several miles in length. Sometimes referred to as Hanuman, Anuman, Anuman, Hanumat, Hanumat, Huniman, Huniman, Sun Hou-tzu, Sun Hou-tzu, Monkey King, Sun Hou-shih, Sun Wu-k'ung, Indian Hanuman, Vishnu, Vishnu, Abjaja, Abjayoni, Adhoksaja, Dakshina, Lord Creator, Lord of Sacred Wisdom, Lord of the Universe, Padma, Padma-Nabha, Primaeval Being, Vasu, Visnu, Wishnu, World Maintainer, Achyuta, Acyata, Adimurti, Ananta, Anatas(h)ayana, Annamurti, Bhumiya, Caturmurti, Dakshina, Dhanvantari, Dharma, Dhruva, Erlanga, Girija, hamsa, Hayagriva, Hrsikesa, Ishvara, Jala-Shayin, Janardana, Kala, Kesava, Mahadeva, Mahapurusha, Maharaja, Mandhatha, Manmatha, Mohini, Mukunda, Narada, Narasinha, Narayana, Padma(-Nabha), 'pervader', Panchayudha, Pandurganga, Piyusaharana, Pradyumna, Pr(i)thu, Rsabha, Salagrama, S(h)amba, Trivikrama, Vasu, Venkata, Viratapurusa, Vis(h)varupa, Vithoba, Vitthali, Vyasa, Yajna, Yajnesh(var)a, Buddhist Akshobhya, Cambodian Hari, Harihara, Prah Noreai-Narayana, Chinese Wu-shun, Japanese Ashuku, Javanese Kresna, Sadana, Sadona, Pacific Islands Poe Mpalaburu, Wisnu, Thai Narayana, Phra Narai, Jagannath, HanumatHuniman, HanumatHuniman, Chinese Sun Hou-tzu or Chinese Sun Hou-tzu.

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