Chinese - A general who was deified as a door-god. Hang was originally Cheng Lun, a marshal at the court of the emperor Chou Wang. He and Ha did a service for the magician To O. Hang was rewarded with the power to produce deadly light beams from his nostrils. He was captured and used his power for the opposing army and met Ha, who could breathe out poison gas, in battle. Ha was killed and Hang was later killed by an ox-spirit. He was made one of the Buddha's guards in heaven. He is sometimes equated with Lishih and he and Ha together are referred to as Hang Ha Erh Chiang. In some accounts, called Hang, Cheng Lun, Cheng Lun, Chin-kang, Chin-kang, Guhyaka, Li-shih, Vajra, Vajra, Heng, Heng, Hong, Hong, Snorter, The, Snorter, The, The Snorter or The Snorter.

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