Han Chung-li

Chinese - Chief of the Eight Immortals. He was a 1st C soldier who became a hermit. To test his wife's fidelity, he feigned death, reappearing as a young man. The wife fell in love with him but, when they opened the tomb to obtain the sage's brain, the 'dead' man came back to life and her lover disappeared. She committed suicide by hanging herself. He was said to have discovered the elixir of life and the secret of transmutation in a box which was revealed when the rock wall of his cave split open. He is usually depicted as a fat man holding a peach and a fan. At times, referred to as Han Chung-li, Chi Tao, Chi Tao, Chung-li Ch'üan, Chung-li Ch'üan, Ho-ho Tzu, Ho-ho Tzu, Shong Li-kuan, Shong Li-kuan, Wang-yang Tzu, Wang-yang Tzu, Yün Fan or Yün Fan.

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