Norse - Son of Belé. Brother of Helgi and Ingeborg. After the death of their father, Halfdan and Helgi jointly ruled the kingdom of Sogn. When Sigurd Ring asked for the hand of Ingeborg, his sister, Halfdan made a joking remark that upset the old king of Ringric who then sent in his army. He and Helgi sent Hilding to persuade Frithiof to fight for them but he, having been insulted by Helgi, refused to help. They then signed a treaty with the invading king, paid him an anual tribute and gave him Ingeborg in marriage. In later years, in one story, he made friends with Frithiof and gave him Ingeborg as his wife. In some references, identified as Halfdan, Healfdene, Healfdene, Halfdan or Halfdan.
Norse - Husband of Signe-Alveig. He captured Orvandil, his wife Groa and their son Svipdag. He then forced Orvandil (or Egil) to shoot an apple off the top of Svipdag's head and fathered a son, Gudhorn, on Groa, his sister-inlaw. He was later killed by Svipdag. On occassion, known as Halfdan, Healfdene, Healfdene, Halfdan or Halfdan.

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