British - Daughter of Locrinus and Estrildis. Locrinus, married to Gwendolen, fell in love with the German prisoner Estrildis and fathered on her a daughter named Habren (or Sabra or Sabrina) or, in some versions, a son named Hebren. When Locrinus finally rejected Gwendolen and married Estrildis, Gwendolen fled to her son Maddan in Cornwall and they raised an army which fought and defeated Locrinus who was killed in the battle. Gwendolen took over as queen and had Estrildis and Habren thrown into the river Severn. In some versions, Estrildis was buried alive. Identified as Habren, Hebren, Hebren, Sabra, Sabra, Sabre, Sabre, Sabrina or Sabrina.

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