Welsh - Son of Gwreang. He was abandoned on the shore in a basket and was found by Ceridwen who employed him to stir the magic cauldron Amen in which she was brewing a potion that would give her son, Avagddu, supernatural knowledge to compensate for his extreme ugliness. Drops of the brew splashed on Gwion's thumb and he licked it off, so acquiring the knowledge intended for Avagddu. He ran off and Ceridwen chased him, both taking various forms until finally she, in the form of a hen, swallowed Gwion, in the form of a grain of corn. She then found herself pregnant and the boy Gwion was reborn. Ceridwen threw him into the sea from which he was recovered by Elphin who called him Taliesin. In some references, referred to as Gwion, Gwion Bach, Gwion Bach, Irish Finn mac Cool, Irish Finn mac Cool, Taliesin, Taliesin, Shining Brow or Taliessin.

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