Welsh - A hunter at King Arthur's court. Son of Lot and Gwyar. Brother of Mordred. A nephew of King Arthur. He made peace between Tristram and King Mark and accompanied Culhwch on his quest for the hand of Olwen. In later stories he is Gawain although others regard them as separate characters. In some accounts, he is the son of Arthur by his own sister, Gwyar, and was reputed to know the nature of everything. Sometimes referred to as Gwalchmai, Gawain, Gawain, Gauvaine, Gavain, Gawan, Gawayne, Knight of the Goddess, Galvagin, Gauvain(e), Gwrfan, The Red Knight, Dutch Walwain, Walewein, Walwanus, French Gauvain, Gauwain, Gayain, Irish Balb(u)aidh, Bhalbhuaidh, Latin Walga(i)nus, Scottish Uallabh, Welsh Gwalchgwyn, Gwalchmei, Green Knight, Gwalchgwyn, Gwalchgwyn, White Hawk, Gwalkmy, Gwalkmy, Hawk of May or Hawk of May.

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