British - A knight in The Faerie Queene, temperance personified. He rescued the prisoners held by Acrasia and sent her captive to the Queen of Faerie. In some accounts, known as Guyon.
European - A king of Denmark. Son of Geoffroy. Half-brother of Ogier. Father of Walter. He was the son of Geoffroy by his second wife and, when Geoffroy died, the throne passed to his son by his first wife, the paladin Ogier. Ogier was advised by a heavenly voice that greater things than kingship lay in store and he handed the crown to Guyon. When Ogier was imprisoned by Charlemagne, Guyon threatened to support the army of Carahue who was preparing to attack France to free Ogier. His forces arrived after Carahue's army had routed Bruhier's invading army and they joined forces to invade the Saracen lands in conjunction with a French force led by Ogier. In some lore, occasionally called Guyon.

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