German - The name of Gunnar in the Nibelungenlied. Son of Dankrat and Ute. Brother of Gernot, Giselher and Krimhild. Husband of Brunhild. Father of Siegfried. He became king of Burgundy on the death of his father and, with Siegfried's help, won the hand of Brunhild. He invited Siegfried, who had married his sister Krimhild, to visit his court where Krimhild and Brunhild had a furious quarrel. Gunther was later induced by Hagen, who plotted to avenge the insult to Brunhild, to invite Siegfried's help in an alleged invasion. Hagen used the opportunity to kill Siegfried. His sister, Krimhild, then married Etzel and they invited Gunther and his nobles to visit their court. Here Krimhild, intent on vengeance against Hagen, bribed her husband's brother, Brodelin, to kill the party. Gunther and Hagen were taken alive, all the rest were slain. Krimhild had Gunther, her own brother, beheaded and used his severed head to try to force Hagen to reveal where in the Rhine he had hidden the Nibelung treasure. When he refused to tell her, she killed him. Another story says that his father was Gibich, king of Burgundy, who surrendered when Attila's hordes swept all before them, giving the Hun a tribute of gold and the young noble, Hagen, as a hostage in place of his own son, Gunther (here, Gunthari), who was just a baby at the time. In later years, Hagen escaped from Attila's court and returned to Burgundy to join Gunther who became king on the death of his father. Later still, Walther and his lover Hildegunde, two other hostages at Attila's court, escaped with much treasure and Gunther and Hagen set out to kill the fugitives and seize the treasure. In the event, Walther killed all the warriors Gunther sent against him and finally Gunther and Hagen did battle with Walther. Gunther lost a leg and Hagen lost an eye but they became reconciled with Walther who had had his right hand cut off in the fight. Sometimes called Gunther, King of Worms, King of Worms or Gunther.
German - Son of Siegfried and Krimhild. At times, called Gunther, King of Worms, King of Worms or Gunther.

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