Norse - King of the Giukungs. Son of Giuki and Grimhild. Brother of Gudrun, Guttorm and Hogni. Husband of Brunhild and Glaumvor. When Sigurd married Gunnar's sister Gudrun, Gunnar and his brother Hogni became his blood-brothers. Gunnar succeeded his father Giuki to the throne and wished to make Brunhild his queen but lacked the courage to face the wall of flames that surrounded her castle. Sigmund, who had already braved the flames before meeting Gunnar and Gudrun, assumed the form of Gunnar with the help of a magic potion brewed by his mother, and rode through the flames again, spending three days with Brunhild. When she married Gunnar ten days later, she realised that she had been deceived and that she still loved Sigurd who had been the first to ride through the flames so, after quarrelling with Gudrun, she asked her husband to kill Sigurd. Bound by blood-ties, Gunnar could not do such a thing but his younger brother Guttorm speared Sigurd in the back, killing him but dying in the attempt from Sigurd's thrown sword. After Brunhild died in the flames of Sigurd's funeral pyre, Gunnar married Glaumvor. In some versions, he and Hagen ambushed Walther von Wasgenstein and Hildegrinde but had one hand and one foot cut off in the fight. On occassion, called Gunnar, Gundicarius, Gundicarius, Gunnarr, Gunnarr, German Gunther or German Gunther.

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