Norse - Daughter of the giant Suttung. Mother of Bragi by Odin. She was entrusted with the three containers of the magic brew made by the dwarfs Fialar and Galar from the blood of the sage Kvasir whom they had killed to obtain his knowledge. She concealed it in the middle of a mountain but Odin knew about it from his ravens. Having gained access to the cave with the help of Baugi, Suttung's brother, Odin seduced Gunlod and, asking for a sip of the fluid, drank it all. In the guise of an eagle, he flew back to Asgard where he regurgitated the magical brew which endowed the drinker with the powers of music and poetry. The product of Odin's dalliance with Gunlod was the god Bragi. Sometimes known as Gunlod, Gunlad, Gunlad, Gunlauth, Gunlauth, Gunnlauth, Gunnlauth, Gunnlod, Gunnlod, Gun(n)lauth or Gun(n)lauth.

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