Japanese - A terrible god. He is regarded as a manifestation of Hosho and is depicted with three eyes, large fangs, eight arms and serpents twined round his limbs. In some accounts, called Gundari-myoo, Amrita-Kundalin, Amrita-Kundalin, Amrita-Kundika, Amrita-Kundika, Nampo Kundari Yasha, Nampo Kundari Yasha, Amrita Kundalin, Amrita Kundalin, Amrita Kundika, Amrita Kundika, Kanro Gundari, Kanro Gundari, Kokozu, Kongo Gundari, Kongo Gundari, Kwanjizai, Nampo Gundari Nasha, Nampo Gundari Nasha, Renge Gundari, Renge Gundari or Kongo.

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