North American - A hunter of the killer-whale, Gunarh. When his wife was abducted by the whale, Gunarhnsengyet dived to the bottom of the ocean where he met the Cormorant People who were blind. As a reward for cutting open their eyes so that they could see, they told him where to find his wife. Outside Gunarh's house, Gunarhnsengyet met a woodman and repaired the wedge he used for splitting logs. The woodman helped by taking pails of water into the house which, when tipped on to the hot hearth-stones, caused so much steam that Gunarhnsengyet's wife was able to escape. To stop the killer whales from following, Gunarhnsengyet blew a magic potion over Gunarh who swelled so much that he blocked the door, preventing the others from getting out. At times, known as Gunarhnsengyet, Gunarhnesemgyet or Gunarhnesemgyet.

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