British - Daughter of the king of Cornwall. Sister of Cador. Wife of Caradoc. She was betrothed to Caradoc who was dying from the effects of a bloodsucking snake fastened on his arm by his father, the magician Eliaures. Her brother, Cador, put her in a vat of sour wine and Caradoc in a vat of sour milk. This induced the snake to try to cross from one vat to the other, giving Cador a chance to kill it with his sword. She is said to have lost one breast in this encounter but it was replaced with a gold one by the magician Aalardin. Her faithfulness was demonstrated when a mantle was produced at Arthur's court which would fit only faithful wives. Guimer was the only one who could wear it. In Welsh stories, Caradoc's wife is Tegau Eufron. In some accounts, identified as Guimer, Guignier, Guignier, Welsh Tegau Eufron or Welsh Tegau Eufron.

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