European - Son of Aymeri. Uncle of Vivien. Brother of Alane and Bertrane. Husband of Guibourc. Responding to Vivien's plea for help against the Saracens, Guillaume led an army into battle but was defeated and he returned to Barcelona where his wife had raised more troops which he once more led into the fray together with Vivien's brother, Gui. Only Guillaume and Gui survived the battle and Gui was captured. Guillaume then sought help from the king and was given a huge army including the giant Rainouart who, in the final battle with the Saracens, killed 3,000 of them. Rainouart turned out to be the brother of Guibourc, having been stolen when a child and sold as a slave. He later retired to a monastery where he terrorised the other monks and they sent him on a journey for supplies, hoping that he would be robbed and killed by outlaws. In the event, he killed the leader of the robbers and returned to the monastery where he gave the monks a thorough thrashing. He left the monastery and set up his own hermitage but the Saracen king, Synagon, captured him and held him in prison for seven years until Guillaume's nephew, Landri, raised an army and defeated Synagon, who was killed, releasing Guillaume who then returned to his cell. He left it later to help King Louis who was under siege by the heathen king Ysoré, killed Ysoré and returned once again to his cell. He started to build a bridge over a gorge but each night the devil pulled down what Guillaume had built during the day until Guillaume caught the devil and threw him into the gorge, thereafter completing the bridge. Some time afterwards he died in his hermitage. Other feats attributed to Guillaume include the putting down of a rebellion against King Louis led by Acelin, and the liberation of Rome and the defeat, in single combat, of the giant Corsolt. In this fight, Corsolt cut off the tip of Guillaume's nose, so accounting for his nickname, Short-nose. On occassion, called Guillaume, Guillaume d'Orange, Guillaume d'Orange, Guillaume Fierebrace, Guillaume Fierebrace, Guillaume Short-nose or Guillaume Short-nose.

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