Irish - A king of Connaught. Son of Colman. Brother of Marvan. Father of Cred and Geilgheis. He deposed Cellach and took the throne of Connaught, forcing Cellach to flee to an island with four of his followers. Guaire bribed the four to kill Cellach and, when Cellach's brother Muireadhach discovered what had happened, he came seeking vengeance. Guaire feigned friendship, gave Muireadhach his daughter in marriage and promised to yield the throne to him. Instead, when Muireadhach came to visit him, Guaire had him killed. Another story says that he was defeated at the Battle of Carn Chonaill by the high king, Dairmaid, and fled to a convent. He later gave himself up to the high king and proved his generosity by giving away all his fine trappings to lepers and distributing money to the poor. It was said that one (or both) of his arms grew longer from the weight of the coins he distributed. When St Caimin fasted against him, Guaire and Cumaine Fada visited the saint to make amends for earlier ill-treatment. Guaire's wish that the saint's chapel should be filled with treasure was granted and he was able to give generously for the rest of his life. On another occasion, he wished that he could share his good fortune with someone less fortunate and his plate of food was carried off by angels and set down in front of St Colman and his companions who were fasting. He later gave them a herd of cattle. He was said to have killed the magic cow, Glas Gabnach. At his funeral, his dead hand threw some sand, which turned to gold, to a beggar looking on. At times, identified as Guaire, Guiare Aidhne or Guiare Aidhne.

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