West Indian - A culture-hero of the Taino. Son of Hiauna. When Marocael was turned to stone, the people in the caves known as Amaiaua and Cacibagiagua escaped and Guagugiana was one of the first after sending out his servant, Giadruvava, who was also turned to stone. Guagugiana led all the women out of the caves and took them to an island where he left them while he travelled on, taking the children with him. When he left the children, they were turned into dwarfs (tona) or, some say, into frogs. He later learned the arts of medicine and lace-making from Guabonito whom he rescued from the sea. In some stories, he was turned into a bird by the sun; in others, that was the fate of his servant Giadruvava. Also identified as Guagugiana, Giadruvava, Giadruvava, Guahayona, Guahayona, Guanin, Guanin, Guayahona, Guayahona, Vagoniona, Vagoniona, Albeborael, Albeborael, (Hiaunael) Guanin or (Hiaunael) Guanin.

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