Norse - Wife of Giuki. Mother of Gudrun, Gunnar, Guttorm and Hogni. She was queen of the Niblungs and a witch who could cast spells and brew magic potions. She gave one such drink to Sigurd, when he came to the king's court, to make him forget Brunhild and fall in love with Gudrun. She supplied another brew to Gunnar which enabled him to exchange identities with Sigurd so that the latter could woo Brunhild for Gunnar. Later, when Gudrun had left with her daughter, Swanhild, to live with Elf, Atli demanded compensation for the death of his sister Brunhild, prompting Grimhild to administer another potion to Gudrun which caused her to agree to marry Atli whom she hated. In the Nibelungenlied, she appears as Krimhild. Occasionally identified as Grimhild, Griemhild, Griemhild, Krimhild, Krimhild, Chriemhild, Gudrun, Kreimhild, Kriemhild, Krimhilt, Chreimhild, Norse Gudrun, Grimilld or Grimilld.

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