Green Knight, The

British - An unknown knight. He arrived unheralded at Camelot one Christmas, dressed all in green and riding a green horse, and challenged Arthur's knights to a beheading contest. Gawain accepted the challenge and cut off the interloper's head. The Green Knight merely replaced it and rode off, renewing the challenge for a year later at the Green Chapel. En route to that meeting, Gawain was entertained by Bercilak whose wife twice tried in vain to seduce Gawain. He did, however, accept a green sash from the lady. At the chapel, the axe was swung three times - twice reflecting Gawain's resistance to temptation: it stopped short of his neck; the third stroke inflicted only a very slight wound, reflecting his acceptance of the sash. The man wielding the axe turned out to be Bercilak and the whole episode was one of the destructive ploys of Morgan le Fay. In some accounts, identified as Green Knight, The.
European - A pagan knight. Uncle of Clermond. He wanted to marry Fezon but was defeated by Orson who claimed her as his wife. In some lore, occasionally identified as Green Knight, The.
British - A 16th C. Version of the story of Gawain's encounter with the Green Knight. On occassion, known as Green Knight, The.

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