Great Hare

North American - A trickster-god. This deity appears in the lore of many Algonquian tribes under such names as Gluskap, Manabush, Manabozho, Messou, Michabo, Nanabozho and Wabus. Occasionally called Great Hare, Gluskap, Gluskap, Glooscap, Glooskap, Glusgahbe, Gluskabe, Liar, The, The Liar, Algonquin Manabozho, Fox Wisaka, Iroquois Ioskeha, Menominee Manabush, Montagnais Messou, hare, hare, Hare in the Moon, Lepus, Rabbit, T'u, Mahtigwess, Mahtigwess, Manabozho, Manabozho, Hiawatha, Manabosho, Manabush, Manibozho, Michabo, Minabozho, Nanabozho, Winabozho, Minabozha, Nanaboojoo, Nanabush, Abnaki Gluskap, Rabbit, Rabbit, Cottontail, Hare, White Hare, White Hare, Chibiabos, Maker of White, Wabasso or Wabosso.

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