Norse - The sword of Sigmund. This magic sword was made by Volund and was thrust into the oak, Branstock, in Volsung's hall, by Odin at the wedding of Siggeir and Signy. It could be withdrawn only by Sigmund. It was shattered by Odin and the pieces were collected by Sigmund's wife, Hiordis. They were later forged into a new blade by Regin at the behest of Sigmund's son, Sigurd. In the Nibelungenleid, this weapon was given to Sigmund by Alberich. Sometimes called Gram, Balmung, Balmung, Nothung, Gran, Gran, sword, sword, Zuflagar Tranchera Tyrfing Djamy Chrysaor Hrunting, Nagelring Honorée Asi Flamberge, Joyeuse Caladin Welsung Nagelring Merveilleuse Eckesax Colada, Tizona Caladcholg Mac an Luin Angurvadel Dama Ngile Dyrnwyn Hofud Blutgang, Miming Dainslef Skofnung Waske Ame-no-wo-ha bari Inkoto Life-taker Caleburn, Chastiefol Excalibur, Marmyadose Sequence Courchouse Greysteel Answerer, Claidhimh Soluis Fragarach, Freagarthach Sword of Light Answerer, Dioltach Fragarach, Freagarthach Mistillteinn Blue Cloud Al battar, Da'hul Fakar Hatef, Medham Cortana, Courtain Sauvagine Glorious, Hauteclaire Rosen, Rosse Corrouge Grail Sword Dyrnwyn Flamberge, Floberge Fusberta Balisardo Durindana Balmung, Nothung Sword of Need Morglay Sword in the Stone Sword of Strange Girdles Arondight Ascalon, Askalon Orna Quernbiter Foots-breadth Nandaka Miming Kusanagi, Murakumo Shishi-o, Sword of Need, Sword of Need, Wrath or Wrath.

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