European - A king of Sericune. He was one of the many knights enchanted by the fairy guarding the armour of Hector, the hero of Troy, and was required to fight all who might try to claim it. He was defeated by Mandricardo who took the armour. Gradasso accompanied him when he went to France as part of Agramant's army of invasion and disputed the right to bear the Trojan arms with Mandricardo and Rogero. The dispute was settled by Florismart who offered to lead them to Roland who had the sword Durindana, sought by Mandricardo. When Mandricardo got hold of the sword, which had been abandoned by Rogero during his period of madness, both Gradasso and Rogero disputed his right of possession. Agramant ordered a contest to settle the issue. Rogero, representing himself and Gradasso, fought and killed Mandricardo but the sword was awarded to Gradasso. He later fought Rinaldo for the possession of Bayard but the fight was interrupted by a huge bird, conjured up by Malagigi, which attacked Bayard causing the horse to bolt. Gradasso followed and recovered the horse and, having achieved his objectives, returned to his own country. He met Agramant when the emperor withdrew from France and offered to help him in the relief of his capital, Biserta, which was besieged by Abyssinians led by Astolpho. He, Agramant and Sobrino challenged Roland, Oliver and Florismart to combat. The only survivors were Sobrino, Roland and Oliver. Sometimes referred to as Gradasso, Galafre, Galafre or Gaudisso.

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