Gozu Tenno

Japanese - A name for Susanowa or Buto as an ox-headed god of love and marriage. In this form, he was regarded as a manifestation of Bhaishajya. Occasionally identified as Gozu Tenno, Bhaishajya, Bhaishajya, Bhaisajya, Bhaisajyaguru, Man-la, Bhaisajya(guru), Chinese Yao- shih, Yao-shih-to, Yao-shih-wang-fo, etc (see Yao-shih, ), Japanese Yakushi, Gozu Tenwo, Gozu Tenwo, Susanowa, Susanowa, Impetuous Male, Kompira, Susa-no-o, Susano, Susano-Wo, Susanoo, Take-haya Susanowo, Withering Wind of Summer, Gozo Tenno, Susano(o), Buto, Gozo Tenwo or Gozo Tenwo.

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