Norse - A goddess of evil. A giantess. Mother of Hati and Skoll by Fenris. She was sent by the Vanir on an errand to the Aesir who treated her very badly, spearing her to death three times and revivifying her before trying, unsuccessfully, to burn her. As a result, war between the gods ensued, ending in victory for the Vanir. An alternative version says that Gollweig and Loki abducted Freya and war ensued as a result, precipitating Ragnarok. She was perhaps an aspect of Freya; in other stories, she is Angerbode or Heid. Occasionally referred to as Gollveig, Gollweig, Gollweig, Gollveig, Gullveig, Gullveig, Goldbranch, Gollveig, Gullweig, Gullweig or Gollveig.

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