Goll mac Morna

Irish - A leader of the Connaught Fianna. Son of Morna. Brother of Garadh, Conan and Maighnis. Husband of Cebha. Father of Fer-tai. Aedh mac Morna killed Finn's father, Cumaill, to win control of the Fianna, either in battle where he lost one eye and became known as Goll, or, in another version, when he was sent by Murna's father to kill Cumaill who had eloped with his daughter. When he killed Cumaill, who was leader of all the Fianna, he took the Treasure Bag, giving him control of the force. This bag was later recovered by Finn who became leader of all the Fianna and Goll swore loyalty as leader of the Connaught branch. In some accounts, he had been driven from Ireland by Cumaill and conquered Scandinavia, exacting tribute. When Irnan and her sisters captured some of his warriors by using a magic herb, he killed her two sisters. Irnan turned herself into a monster and challenged the Fianna to single combat. Goll accepted the challenge and killed her. Finn gave him his daughter, Cebha, as a wife in reward for his efforts. He led the party of nine which recovered Finn's hounds, Bran and Sceolan, which had been stolen by Arthur. At the Quicken Trees Hostel, he was one of Finn's company trapped by the magic of the three kings of the Islands of Torrent. He killed Borba who led one of the waves of attackers trying to cross the ford below the hostel. He later killed Cairell, Finn's son, and was pursued by the Fianna until, refusing to surrender when cornered, he died of starvation. Also identified as Goll mac Morna, Aedh, Aedh, Aed, Aeda, Aedd, Aod, Aodh or Hugh.

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