Irish - A smith-god. One of the Tri De Dana. Son of Turbe. Brother of Credne and Luchta. He raised Lugh after he was rescued from the sea by Manannan, teaching him the arts of the smith. He and his brothers made the weapons used by the Danaans in their battles with the Fomoire and killed the Fomoire spy, Ruadan. At the feast of Fled Goibnenn in the Otherworld he gave his guests a special brew that made them immune to disease and death. Some say that he was the owner of the marvellous cow, Glas Gabnach. In some references, called Goibhniu, Gaibdhe, Gaibdhe, Ghaibhneann, Ghaibhneann, Ghoibhneann, Ghoibhneann, Goban, Goban, Gobhan Saer, Gobban, Gobban, Gobhniu, Gobhniu, Gobniu, Gobniu, Goibniu, Goibniu, Gaibhde, Gaibhde, Gob(b)an, Gob(b)an, Welsh Govannon, Welsh Govannon, Gavida, Gavida or Gavidjeen Go.

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