European - A duke of Lorraine. Grandson of the Swan Knight. Son of Ida. Brother of Baldwin and Eustace. At the court of the Emperor Otto, he fought and defeated Gui de Montfaucon, who threatened the inheritance of a count's daughter, and was made Duke of Bouillon. When Cornumarant, a Saracen, came to France to spy out the strength of the Christian forces preparing for the First Crusade, Godfrey deceived him by parading the same detachments of troops time after time in front of the bemused interloper. Godfrey later led the Christian forces attacking Jerusalem and it is said that, in the fighting at Antioch, he split a mounted Saracen in half from top to toe, one half falling to earth, the other half continuing to ride the horse for some time. When Jerusalem fell, he was offered and refused the crown but when, during a vigil, his own candle ignited spontaneously he realised that he was called to this office and took the throne while still refusing the golden crown. He upset the patriarch, Eracles, by sending holy relics to his own mother, Ida, and died when the cleric poisoned him. In some accounts, Godfrey married Florie, sister of the Saracen Corboran. Also referred to as Godfrey, Geoffroy, Geoffroy, Godfrey, Gottfried, Gottfried or Godfrey.
European - A merchant. While Godfrey was away on his travels, his wife bought the seven year old Vivien who had been rescued by pirates from the hands of the Saracens. They raised the boy as their own son and Godfrey tried, without success, to train him as a merchant. Instead, Vivien became a knight committed to fighting the Saracens. Occasionally called Godfrey, Geoffroy, Geoffroy, Godfrey, Gottfried, Gottfried or Godfrey.

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