Gobhan Saer

Irish - An architect and builder for the fairies. In some accounts, he was blinded by monks for whom he was building a monastery but had his sight restored by Aban. In another story, he built an oratory and asked in payment as much corn as would fill the building. Asked to turn the building upside down so that it might be filled with the corn, he did just that and got the payment he had asked for. but the grain all turned to maggots next day. On another occasion, when the monks removed all the ladders from a monastery he had built for them, trying to force him to accept lower wages, he took the building down, stone by stone, to reach the ground. In some accounts, he is equated with Goibhniu. At times, identified as Gobhan Saer, Goban, Goban, Goibhniu, Goban Saor, Goban Saor, Gobban Saer, Gobban Saer, Gobhan Saor, Gobhan Saor, Gob(h)an Saor or Gob(h)an Saor.

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