North American - A creator-god of the Abnaki Indians. Twin brother of Malsum. He created the earth and mankind from his mother's body while his brother, Malsum, created all the inconvenient things. He then killed all the giants and the evil beings such as witches and sorcerers, ridding the earth of the evil spirit, Pamola. One giant, Win-pe made himself taller than a pine tree but Gluskap grew until he reached the sky and then killed the giant with a blow from his bow. The only one unmoved by the god's power was the infant, Wasis, who merely gurgled at him. In another story Gluskap overcame Jug Woman and killed the huge monster that was blocking a stream that a tribe depended on for water and then squeezed it so hard that it became a bullfrog. Malsum killed Gluskap with the feather of an owl, the only thing that could hurt him, but Gluskap returned to life and killed Malsum with a fern. Malsum then became an evil wolf, Lox. Malsum's demon followers, the Kewawkqu', tried to avenge their leader's death and Gluskap had to wage a constant war against these forces of evil and the Medecolin, who were sorcerers, finally defeating them. When his work was done, he gave a great feast for all the animals on the shores of Lake Minas, and then sailed off in his canoe. After he had gone, the animals, which had all previously spoken the same language, suddenly found that each species now spoke a different language. He was a benevolent deity, envisaged as a rabbit, and granted reasonable requests made to him by humans but those who asked for immortality were turned into stones or trees. He is expected to return as a saviour of his people. Also identified as Gluskap, Glooscap, Glooscap, Glooskap, Glooskap, Glusgahbe, Glusgahbe, Gluskabe, Gluskabe, Liar, The, Liar, The, Great Hare, Great Hare, hare, Mahtigwess, Manabozho, Manabush, Michabo, Nanabozho, Rabbit, Cottontail, Hare, Rabbit, White Hare, The Liar, The Liar, Algonquin Manabozho, Algonquin Manabozho, Ioskeha, Fox Wisaka, Fox Wisaka, Wisagatcak, Iroquois Ioskeha, Iroquois Ioskeha, Messou, Menominee Manabush, Menominee Manabush, Montagnais Messou or Montagnais Messou.

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