Norse - A warrior and poet. He was rewarded for killing a berserker with the hand of a rich landowner's daughter and presents of a sword, spear and cloak which were said to bring him good fortune. He was involved in a dispute with Thorkel who had encroached on his land and killed Thorkel's son, a youth named Sigmund. He later lost the cloak and the weapons and his good luck deserted him. Convicted of manslaughter, he was banished. He is said to have had a number of memorable dreams. In one such dream he saw a huge woman walking to his house from the sea; she was the guardian spirit of his grandfather. In another, he saw two women who were sprinkling blood over the earth, portending war. In the dispute with Thorkel he dreamt that many approached the god Frey on his behalf, to no avail. Sometimes identified as Glum.
Norse - One of the men with Flosi when they. Killed the Njalssons and burnt. Their house. Sometimes identified as Glum.

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