Glas Gabnach

Irish - A fairy cow. In some accounts, this animal appeared from the sea; in others, she was stolen from Spain by Gavida. It was said that she had an inexhaustible supply of milk that could fill any vessel but when a witch placed a sieve under her, she died in the effort to keep it filled. Others say that she disappeared when she was struck by her owner and returned to the Otherworld. Some versions say that this cow was owned by Ide, others by Cian or Goibhniu from one or other of whom it was stolen by Balor. The cow swam back to Ireland from Tory Island where she had been taken by Balor and some say that, as a result, Balor invaded Ireland where he was killed by Lugh at the second Battle of Moytura. On occassion, known as Glas Gabnach, Cow of the Smith, Cow of the Smith, Glas Gabhnach, Glas Gabhnach, Glas Gaibleann, Glas Gaibleann, Glas Ghaibhneann, Glas Ghaibhneann, Glas Ghaibhnenn, Glas Ghaibhnenn, Glas Ghoibhneann, Glas Ghoibhneann, Grey Cow, Grey Cow, Glas Ghaibhne(a)nn Glas Ghoibhneann, Glas Ghaibhne(a)nn Glas Ghoibhneann, Greek Io, Greek Io, Welsh Fuwch Frech or Welsh Fuwch Frech.

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