Gitchi Manitou

North American - The creator-god of the Algonquins. He instructed the duck and the terrapin to dive into the primordial waters and bring up some mud. The god dried the mud on his pipe and from it created the world and human beings. In some lore, occasionally called Gitchi Manitou, Citche Manitou, Citche Manitou, Gitche Manitou, Gitche Manitou, Gitchee Manitou, Gitchee Manitou, Kchemnito, Kchemnito, Kitche Manitou, Kitche Manitou, Kitshi Manitou, Kitshi Manitou, Gitche(e) Manitou, Gitche(e) Manitou, Great Manito(u), Great Manito(u) or Great Spirit.

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