Girart de Vienne

European - A knight at Charlemagne's court. Son of Garin de Montglane. Brother of Hernaut. Husband of Guibourc. Charlemagne promised Girart the estates and wife of the Duke of Bourgogne but fell for the duchess and married her himself, giving Girart the city of Vienne as compensation. The grateful knight attempted to kiss the emperor's foot but his wife put her foot out of the bed they were lying in at the time and Girart kissed her foot instead of the king's. When he later learned of this insult, he took up arms against the king and war ensued. In this account, Roland and Oliver are said to have met in single combat and became firm friends when they fought a draw. When, in the end, Girart captured Charlemagne, peace was declared and, soon afterwards, the king set out to repel the Saracen invaders of Spain. Sometimes identified as Girart de Vienne.

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