Girart de Roussillon

European - A vassal of Charles Martel. The emperor of Constantinople, grateful to Charles and Girart for their help in defending Rome, gave them his two daughters as wives. Charles was to marry Berte but fell in love with her sister Elissentg and married her, giving Berte to Girart. In compensation, Girart was given his own kingdom. His evident success angered Charles who laid siege to his capital city of Roussillon which he captured when one of Girart's men turned traitor. Girart fled to Avignon, raised an army which recaptured Roussillon and was reconciled with Charles. Later, they quarrelled and Charles again captured Roussillon, forcing Girart and Berte to flee once more. For some twenty years, Girart worked as a charcoalburner in the Ardennes and was finally reconciled with Charles with the help of Elissent. At times, identified as Girart de Roussillon.

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