British - Son of Gawain and Ragnell. His mother never told him who his father was and when he went to Camelot he was taught the knightly arts by Gawain who did not recognise his son. He was sent on a quest to help a princess, the Lady of Sinadun, and en route he killed the giant Mawgin who was attacking another lady's castle. He rejected the love of the fairy, Pucelle, and at Sinadun he was challenged by the magicians Mabon and Yvan. He killed Mabon but Yvan vanished in time to save himself. A woman-faced snake then appeared and asked Gingalin to kiss her. When he complied, she changed into a beautiful maiden, Blonde Esmerée, whom he took back to Camelot and married. In some accounts, he was one of the twelve knights with Mordred when they trapped Lancelot in Guinevere's chamber and was killed when Lancelot escaped. On occassion, called Gingalin, Bel Inconnu, Le, Bel Inconnu, Le, Fair Unknown, The, Fair Unknown, The, Guinglain, Guinglain, Gyngalyn, Gyngalyn, Handsome Mystery, Handsome Mystery, Le Bel Inconnu, Le Bel Inconnu, Libeaus Desconus, Libeaus Desconus, Lybius Desconus, Lybius Desconus, Young Unknown, The, Young Unknown, The, Fair Unknown, Fair Unknown, Lybius Desconus The Young Unknown or Lybius Desconus The Young Unknown.

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