Gilla Dacar

Irish - A prince of the Otherworld. Son of Alchad. He appeared one day, with his brokendown mare, as a very ugly man and took service with Finn mac Cool. Other members of the Fianna mocked him and thirteen (or fourteeen) of them climbed on to the back of his huge mare. Gilla ran off and plunged into the sea where the mare quickly followed with its load. Ligan Lumnina jumped into the sea after them and, grabbing the mare's tail, was carried off with the others. When Dermot fell into a well on the island where some of the Fianna were searching for the missing men, he met Abharthach, the prince of Tir fa Tonn, who had posed as Gilla Dacar. His brother had seized all the kingdom which should have been shared between them and Abharthach had lured Finn and his men to Tir fa Tonn to help him in his fight with his brother. In another version, Finn, Foltor and Faruach chased him in a ship made by Faruach's magic and rescued the men. On occassion, called Gilla Dacar, Abarta, Abarta, Abarthach, Abarthach, Abharthach, Abharthach, Decair, Decair, Decar, Decar, Gilla Decair, Gilla Decair, Giolla Dacker, Giolla Dacker, Giolla Dakar, Giolla Dakar, Giolla Deacair, Giolla Deacair, Hard Ghilli, Hard Ghilli, Hard Gilly, Hard Gilly, Hard Servant, Hard Servant, Ab(h)arthach, Ab(h)arthach, Giolla Deca(i)r or Giolla Deca(i)r.

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