Welsh - Son of Beli and Don. A deputy for Math, king of Gwynedd. He fell in love with Goewin who was permanently engaged in cradling the feet of Math. He could get access to her only when Math was called away to war so he and his brother Gwydion arranged for this to happen. They swapped some phantom horses for a herd of marvellous pigs coveted by Math but owned by Pryderi. When the latter discovered that he had been tricked he marched on Gwynedd. Math went off to battle giving Gilfaethwy the chance to seduce Goewin. Math punished Gilfaethwy and Gwydion by turning them successively into male and female deer, pigs and wolves in which form they produced offspring which Math then turned into handsome youths. In these forms, Gilfaethwy was the 'mother' of Hyddwn as a deer, Hychdwn as a pig and Bleiddwn as a wolf. Math eventually restored Gilfaethwy and Gwydion to human form. Also called Gilfaethwy, Gilvaethwy, Gilvaethwy, Gilvarthwy, Gilvarthwy, Gilvathy or Gilvathy.

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