Arabian - A female jinnee, offspring of Iblis. They sometimes appeared to men in the desert and ate them. It is said that they have hoofs and can change into any shape. Some are small enough to ride on hares, others ride on ostriches. Another desert type is known as the udar. Female types, living in the forest, may carry men off to their caves and seduce them. Males do the same thing with women. The offspring of such matings are fierce savages. Ghuls that live in the Sahara are said to have the legs of an ostrich and only one eye. In some accounts, the ghul is the male, and the female version is the ghoula, ghulah or si'la. Some female types are said to play the flute so that men hearing their music will dance themselves to death. In some lore, occasionally identified as ghul, ghoula, ghoula, ghulah, ghulah, si'la, si'la, malequtrub, malequtrub, Persian ghol, Persian ghol or ghoul.

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