Greek - A cowherd-king of Tartessus in Spain. Son of Chrysaor and CallirrhoŽ. Brother of Echidna. Father of Erytheia. He was said to be one of the giants who had fought with the Olympian gods. When they were defeated, Geryon fled to the West or, in some versions, to the Belearides, where he became king. He was a three-bodied monster whose cattle were taken by Heracles as his tenth Labour. He was killed by Heracles during this adventure. He appears in Spenser's The Faerie Queene as the three-bodied giant, Geryones, slain by Prince Arthur. Occasionally identified as Geryon, Geryones, Geryones, Geryoneus, Geryoneus, 'crane', 'crane', Geryone(u)s or Geryone(u)s.

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