British - A Knight of the Round Table. A prince of Devon (or Cornwall). Son of Erbin. Brother of Dywel and Ermid. Husband of Enid. In some accounts, Erbin is Geraint's son, not his father. Others say he was the brother of Gareth. On a hunting trip, both he and Guinevere's maid were struck with a whip by a dwarf when Geraint enquired the name of the dwarf's master. He followed the knight and the dwarf to their castle and borrowed arms and armour from an old man, Yniol, who had lost his earldom to his nephew and was now in poor straits. The knight was Edern and Geraint fought him for the title of Knight of the Sparrowhawk, defeating him and forcing him to go to Guinevere and apologise for the injury to her maid. When Geraint threatened force, the nephew handed back all he had taken from Yniol whose daughter, Enid, went to Arthur's court with Geraint and married him. They had caught a white stag on the hunting trip and the head of that animal was given to Enid. When his father grew old, Geraint took over his dominions and ruled peacefully with Enid, giving up knightly pursuits in favour of dalliance. He came to believe that Enid despised him for his weakness so he set out on a quest to prove his strength and valour, forcing her to ride ahead of him in silence. He killed many knights and took their horses and armour and defeated Gwiffred Petit who became his friend. He also killed three giants, one of whom wounded him badly. He was taken care of by Limwris, but when this earl insulted Enid, Geraint killed him. They moved on and were helped by Gwiffred Petit until Geraint was fully recovered. His final battle was with a knight in the valley of mists in the domain of Ywein and, having overcome him, and put an end to the enchanted games, he returned to his own lands and ruled happily again with Enid. He was killed in battle, fighting for his king. On occassion, identified as Geraint, Gereint, Gereint, French Erec, French Erec, Norse Erex, Norse Erex, Erec, Welsh Gereint or Welsh Gereint.

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